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graygale [userpic]
Meaning of Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan
by graygale (graygale)
at June 8th, 2009 (04:22 pm)

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Mary: Marie (Czech, French, German)

Meaning: Bitterness; or Sea of bitterness


Marie is the French variant of Mary.





Isabelle (French, English, German), Isabella (Hebrew, English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch),
Ishbel (Scottish), Isa (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian), Elizabeth (Hebrew), Bella (Italian), Bell (English)


Meaning: My God is a vow; God is my oath; God’s promise



The Italian version of Isabella was derived from Isabel (Latin origin). In Spanish, the name is a variant form of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva meaning “God is my oath.”




Isabella (English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish), Isabelle (English, French, German)

Meaning: Beautiful


The name Bella is mainly used in Italian and in English. In Hebrew Bella means “Devoted to God,” or “my God is a vow,” in Hungary it means “intelligent,” in Latin “yielding to prayer,” in Spanish and Italian “beautiful,” and in Russian “white.



Isabella “Bella” Marie Swan—Bella Cullen




Scottish and English: from Middle English, ‘swan,’ hence a nickname for a person noted for purity or excellence (which were taken to be attributes of the swan), or resembling a swan in some other way.
Variant: Swain (English)